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Why words matter

In the creative world, the importance of selecting the right colour palette, typography and logo is often emphasised. But does it overshadow the importance of words?

Watch your language

We believe that words matter. They’re memorable, they build connections, they make sense of complexity and they inspire action. But somehow, our industry still doesn’t place a high enough value on good copy. While most branding agencies invest in their designers, very few have a solid in-house team of copywriters.

And yet helping brands find their voice has never been so important. If your brand is seeking to make a difference in the world and initiate change on any scale, words and design need to work together to tell this story.

The partnership between writers and designers is perhaps best described as a game of doubles tennis. Both play for the same team, supporting one another, but as one moves forward to take action so the other takes a step back. The two are rooted together in one act of communication.

It’s never one side versus the other or a competition between the two. It’s a mutual partnership and one that should be encouraged from the top-down. This collaboration pushes designers to explain their ideas in greater detail and encourages writers to consider their words from a visual perspective. In essence, it makes us all better creatively and this can only lead to more powerful brand identities.

And it doesn’t matter where a writer jumps into the creative process because words are useful across the board. From writing a great proposal, articulating strategic ideas, developing a brand’s visual and verbal identity, presenting it to a client, and bringing a brand to life in the real world. It all needs good words.

It’s why David Ormondroyd, Associate Creative Director and – yes – a writer, recently headed to the YCN Library to talk to a team of copywriters and creatives about the power of words. His presentation aimed to inspire closer integration between writers and designers. It seemed to strike a chord. 

We’re hiring

Closer to home, we’re building the best writing team in the industry. Because we know better writing means better work. Think you’ve got the talent and attitude to be a part of it? Here’s how to apply.

Why words matter