Brand strategy, visual and verbal identity.

Neat be nimble

The Asian banking establishment was ripe for disruption. Slow, rigid, inflexible. Neat, meanwhile, could incorporate a company and open a business account in minutes, remotely. But to become the go-to choice for a new generation of entrepreneurs, the brand needed to combine that agility with a sense of stability.

Putting ideas into motion

We worked with the growing team to define a brand that would live inside the business, driving them forward in an industry beset by inertia. And we created an identity that combined dynamic, fluid movement with real strength and direction.

A global entrepreneurial network

The brand gave Neat a platform to grow and evolve, just like the entrepreneurs they serve. In 2019 they opened in both Shenzen and London, supporting the entrepreneur economy throughout Asia and Europe. And an $11m Series A round helped accelerate their mission to make cross border trade as accessible to small businesses as it is to multinationals.

“You really get us. The work we’ve done together has been instrumental in our success over the last year. But it’s been just as valuable when we’ve faced challenges and needed to remind ourselves of what we really stand for.”

CEO, Neat

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