Brand strategy, visual & verbal identity.


First Choice has been a British holiday icon for 30 years. But with younger travel lovers demanding increasingly more from their time off, it was time to move beyond the brand’s all-inclusive past. Our challenge was to redefine First Choice for a new generation. And reposition the brand to stand out amongst the overwhelming options online.

Our strategy takes a giant leap forward: from choice paralysis to choice positivity.

No more Fear Of Better Options (FOBO) elsewhere. No more penalisation for picking what you really want from your holiday. No more lack of protection because you’ve booked eight things across eight sites, and none of them are responsible if anything goes wrong. Instead, start with your interests or preferred destinations, and tailor a complete experience that’s built just for you. It’s time to be proudly picky.


With a new product offering a more flexible, personalised experience, the new identity encourages travellers to get picky.

The design system is built around a set of icons that represent the ability to curate the perfect combination of experiences for you. At the pool, up a mountain, in a city or by the sea. The choice is yours.

They come together in an immediately distinctive logo that puts your choice first. And they live in every part of the experience. From functional signposting in the digital product, right through to expressive storytelling in comms.


The art direction gets up close and personal with holidaymakers, showing them that the only perspective that matters is theirs. Shots are always warm, imperfect, and a little aspirational too.

And words work harmoniously with the photography. Up close but also uncompromising, this new voice encourages people to be proudly picky – getting them from the First Choice website to the holiday they really want – with ease. All set in a customised headline typeface that embodies a newly confident brand character.

“We needed a brand that stands out and resonates with a new generation of travellers, while retaining the trust and warmth that First Choice has historically represented. Ragged Edge has done an outstanding job in encapsulating that distinctive identity. The rebrand is exciting and bold, and demonstrates our understanding of every holidaymakers' unique preferences while cutting through the noise of the internet’s infinite possibilities.”

Managing Director, First Choice

A journey to remember

This trip wouldn’t have gone as far without the bravery and collaboration from the First Choice team. Thank you Bart, Sara, Kristen, Craig, Steph, Lisa, Conrad, Ella, Kev, Abi, Sara Ali, Lee, Christian and Molly.

Thanks also to Order Type Foundry who helped us customise Pastiche Grotesque for the headline typeface.

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