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Giving health a heads up

Competition was clinical, like a protein powder, or a quick caffeinated hit. Heights came to us with an idea for a more holistic offer, a new habit intended for the long term. We needed to create a D2C brand with the power to change peopleʼs behaviour to think brain first.

A brand full of potential

The name came from reaching the heights of oneʼs abilities. The tone of voice there to make you think. While the visual identity stemmed from the brainʼs neuroplasticity. The result is a brand as adaptable as our brains, one that can develop from a single multivitamin product, to greater heights in the future.

Brain power and partnership

For founders Dan and Joel, Heights is a culmination of years of professional and personal growth. We’ve partnered with them from strategy and identity, right through to delivering the brand. Along the way we’ve worked with a number of collaborators, including photographer Kuba Wieczorek who shot the Heights brand imagery.

“For us, brand was everything. Working with Ragged Edge felt less like we’d hired an agency, and more like we’d grown our team. They got it straight away and helped turn our vision into an idea that would get people to start thinking brain first. I’d recommend them to anyone – as long as they’re up for being challenged along the way!”

Co-founder, Heights

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