Brand strategy, visual & verbal identity.


Whether building AI for disease detection, safety and security, or simply increased profitability, businesses rely on one thing above all else. Good data. And good data requires human intelligence.

Kili helps businesses adopt a data-centric approach to AI. Their platform enables subject matter experts to collaborate with in-house tech teams to create highly qualitative, unbiased data sets. Synthesising human expertise into AI you can trust.

With offices in Paris and New York, Kili needed to show a global audience of business leaders that without mastering training data, you don’t have AI, you have a liability. Strategically, that meant changing the conversation around AI. From science fiction to pragmatic expertise.


To stand out in a category marked by its soulless hyperbole, we built the Kili brand around human intelligence and expertise.

The identity is personified in its mascot. The Kili character helps human users input their knowledge and expertise. Instantly relatable, immediately engaging, undeniably distinctive.

The tone of voice combines intelligent pragmatism with empathy. And the supporting elements – from type and colour right through to UI design – imbue the brand with an unassuming humanity.


Defining the Kili brand took some very real human expertise. Thanks to Francois Xavier, Edouard, Paul-Emile, Chantal and the rest of the Kili team for your bravery and conviction. And to Oh Studio for your help in animating the Kili mascot.

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