A full rebrand. From brand strategy and a new mission, to identity and beyond.


Over 1 million people migrate to the UK from all over the world every year. But outdated policies and models refuse to recognise or value their past experience. Which often leaves them unnoticed, underinsured and overpriced. As one of the UK’s fastest growing businesses to reach unicorn status, Marshmallow is in a unique position to become the go-to insurance company for people on the move.

Together, we set out to make that vision a reality. To build a brand that speaks to a diverse range of audiences from across the globe. One that stands apart in an industry that embraces average. And makes people feel seen in a category they mostly avoid. A brand that insures difference.


Marshmallow is on a mission to back the ones who step outside the norm. So we built the new identity around valuing difference.

The visual and verbal identity celebrates infinite variation. Balancing a modular system that works just as well as it looks. With a library of character-filled compositions illustrating both function and delight. The tone of voice brings a fresh perspective to people’s journeys. By removing language as a barrier and making them feel seen beyond the numbers. Paired with a customised typeface that champions accessibility and inclusivity, the identity shows how difference is delightful in every communication. The whole system is embodied by a logo mascot which exudes warmth and character – welcoming the experiences of the wide array of people Marshmallow serves.

We worked closely with the product and design teams at Marshmallow to build, test and push the system. Ensuring every decision made would not just work but have the impact it needed.

“Working with the team at Ragged Edge was seamless and genuinely collaborative, from senior leadership right through to our product and design teams. They took the time to understand how we work as a business, they spoke to people of different levels, and they were empathetic and curious in their approach. One of our core values is to be bold, and they did just that with the work. They challenged us to think differently about what kind of brand we could be.”

Creative Lead

“This rebrand won’t just impact how we look or how we talk as a business, it’ll also help guide decisions we make for the future. It’s given us an identity that sums up exactly who we are and what we’re about in a distinctive, impactful way. We love it.”

Co-Founder & CEO, Marshmallow


The road to success is not travelled alone. From defining the mission to delivering the brand system – we couldn’t have got here without the bravery of the Marshmallow team. A huge thank you to our collaborators Oliver, Alexander, David, Fran, Megan, Georgia, Sam, Gwen, Chloe and Caroline.

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