A full rebrand and launch campaign.

The challenge

The last few years have fundamentally changed the way we work. But the process of searching for a job hasn’t changed at all. We’re stuck with an endless stream of irrelevant job ads, faceless recruiters pushing unsuitable roles, and a distinct lack of clarity around what companies are actually like. It’s dehumanising, transactional, and turns candidates into commodities.

Otta set out change that, and to become the candidate-first career champion the world of work so desperately needs.

From the identity and launch campaign, right through to the product experience, Otta invites you to amplify yourself.

Otta is rehumanising the job search, for people searching for more than just a job. So we created a rich, expressive brand that was the antithesis of the corporate job platform. A brand that brings the best out of people in a way a CV never could, and in return brings them only the best roles from the best places to work. By empowering people to express who they are and what they want, candidates go from simply finding work, to finding fulfillment.

The new brand and campaign powered a $25 million Series A round as the business expanded into eight countries, including the US. At the end of 2022, Otta celebrated 1 million users.

Your calling is calling.

“We’re leaving the world of transactional job boards behind, and needed a brand to flip the category on its head. The team at Ragged Edge pushed us to create a brand that was distinctive & completely opposite to our corporate competitors. It sets us up perfectly for changing the way people think about job search.”

Co-Founder & CEO, Otta

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