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The planet can’t sustain the mass production methods that still prevail in fast fashion. Waste by the tonne. Mistreated workers. “Standard” sizes that are anything but. And the greenwashing from marketing departments that covers it all up. Son of a Tailor are the problem solvers the planet and its people need. Engineers who just happen to work in fashion. And as they’ve built a supply chain that can take made-to-order to the masses, we needed to build a brand to supply change to the industry.


Son of a Tailor are plain different. Their supply chain solution responds exactly to demand. And so does this identity: adapting to be fit for purpose whether it’s online, on packaging, in comms or in clothing. And as they achieve zero waste, this brand has been similarly built with nothing superfluous. Visuals have the precision and clarity of an engineer’s eye. Made to match a brand voice that’s exacting but ever optimistic. Because where others see problems, engineers see opportunities for ingenious solutions.



In working with us on this project, The Son of a Tailor team stayed true to their purpose. This was not about fitting in. Thanks to Andreas, Jess, Michelle, Magnus, Frederikke, Christian, and Adam for your conviction and collaboration. To Andreas Pless who shot the fashion photography. And to Charlie McKay for the lifestyle photography.

Ragged Edge are great listeners and bold thinkers. They really got under the skin of our business, and challenged us to rethink what a fashion brand could be. We've got big ambitions and Ragged Edge created an identity to match.

CEO, Son of a Tailor

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