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Invest in your startup’s future. Invest in branding.

By Max Ottignon, Co-founder, Ragged Edge.

This week Zego secured £6 million in Series A funding - a significant investment that will allow them to realise their equally significant vision for the insurance industry. As with any startup, presenting their vision with a clear and powerful brand is fundamental to persuading investors that a business has what it takes.

Zego Billboard
Invest in your startup’s future. Invest in branding.
Telling a story to investors 

Ragged Edge do a lot of work with startups. And at the early stages, there’s an audience that’s just as important as the end-users: potential investors.  It goes without saying that securing investment is a fundamental part of any startup’s journey, so it’s crucial to ensure the brand is presented to them in the right way. Investors are looking for a clear, single-minded vision, rooted in genuine insight.  By helping founders define their organisation’s purpose, and finding ways to express it clearly and concisely, we’re able to help them secure the investment that will allow them to bring their ambitious plans to life.  

A brand rooted in substance

Zego is a great example of this. The founding team came to us with a game-changing product – people-first insurance for the gig economy – and asked us to help articulate their vision, and create a meaningful brand that would resonate with a diverse range of stakeholders.  We immersed ourselves in their business, with the aim of developing a brand platform that would define the offer. We flipped insurance on its head, put people first, and recognised how the product truly freed people up to work the way they wanted.  The result was our brand idea ‘go freely’, designed to give them a single, powerful thread that inspires every element of the business; from design and service right through to internal culture and new product development. For investors, it demonstrated clarity of thought, and brought to life a singular ambition.  

Winning the hearts and minds of investors

Armed with a clear story and a brand designed to scale across different stakeholders, touchpoints and channels, Zego were in a position to tell a powerful story to investors.  Three months after the brand launched, they secured £6 million in Series A funding. A huge investment that will transform them from an ambitious startup to a brand with the power to disrupt the entire industry.  Zego is just one of a number of startups we’re working with, in categories as diverse as health, hospitality, fintech and sport. But in each case the first challenge is the same: to present a clear and compelling story to the people who hold the keys to growth – the investors. 

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