Brand strategy, visual identity, interiors consultation and printed collateral.

Our brief

Foley’s is a restaurant in Fitzrovia that serves an eclectic range of high-end dishes in a laid-back environment. The team had an enviable track record for doing things differently and challenged us to create a brand to match their ambitions.


A series of informal workshops helped us define a bold vision. Fine dining, without all the pretentiousness that comes with it. No adherence to a single cuisine. No airs and graces. Just great food, created by a first class team. An anything-goes approach with a brand idea to match: ‘bringing good things together’.

Visual identity

We started by creating a set of four bespoke typefaces. Each typeface has its own distinct character, but can be combined to create something unexpectedly harmonious. Menus, uniforms and collateral were designed to be refined and elegant, yet playful and relaxed. Just like the food.


We worked with regular collaborator PAC architecture to bring the eclectic aesthetic to life in the interiors. The ambition was to remove any barriers between the customer and the food.

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