A global rebrand, from strategy to delivery across every part of the business. Everywhere.

For people who use money. Everywhere.

Wise was launched 12 years ago to disrupt the financial status quo. Since then, they’ve changed how the world moves its money – making it faster, cheaper and fairer than the banks ever would. Over 16 million people and businesses now use Wise, saving them £1.5 billion (compared to bank fees) in 2022 alone.

But their ambitions are much bigger. They’re building a new money system to disrupt the old one. A system not just for sending money anywhere, but for using money everywhere.

Our challenge was to take Wise beyond transfers. And to help them build a stand-out brand to make it real for everyone. Individuals and businesses. Accounts with £100 or £100 million. Based anywhere from Chile to China. A brand for people who use money. Whoever they are, wherever they go.

The world’s money

The rebrand is driven by a single, universal idea. The World’s Money is for everyone, everywhere. Direct, distinctive, and truly global.

It’s expressed through every part of a new identity. A vibrant green – a symbol of both money and progress – replaces the blue so beloved by financial institutions. An unashamedly direct tone of voice is written to be instantly understood by anyone, anywhere, in any language. It’s amplified by a bespoke, attention-grabbing headline typeface, incorporating letterforms inspired by scripts from around the world.

A set of graphic tapestries reference money from all over the world. Fusing colour, imagery and texture, each weaves together its own story of global experience and culture. They’re immediately recognisable and endlessly flexible, whether used as striking backgrounds or applied to a unique new illustration style.

Every other part of the visual and verbal system has been painstakingly redesigned with The World’s Money as the guiding principle. Not least the Wise wordmark and Fast Flag icon, which have been updated to exaggerate the boldness of the new identity, and recrafted for legibility. So they work anywhere that Wise does.

An everywhere brand

Building a brand for The World’s Money meant serving more people, in more places. The system supports over 146 languages, and every design decision was made to exceed the current draft of WCAG 3.0 requirements. Meanwhile, Wise’s entire library of iconography and illustrations were recreated from scratch, and thoroughly tested to ensure they’d be understood the world over.

Defining the brand was just the beginning. We worked as one team with Wise to create a brand that lives from button to billboard, globally. Across every product screen, every website page, every card, in every country, in every currency. For individual accounts, for business accounts, and for the Wise Platform.

“Over the past 18 months, Ragged Edge have been critical partners to us in every sense of the word. The collaboration between Wise and Ragged Edge’s teams was deeply practiced at every level, from opening up their Figma files to us along the way, to us inviting them in to advise on the direction of our business. Their influence on the future of this brand will be felt for years to come.”

Director of Brand and Creative, Wise

A world-class team

Together with Wise, we reshaped the traditional client-agency relationship, maximising each other’s strengths, and embracing the knowledge and diverse skillsets shared amongst a company serving over 175 countries. Thank you to the incredible Wise team – far too many names to list here – for trusting us to help you build an everywhere brand for The World’s Money.

“Ragged Edge have been a fantastic partner to work with. They took the time to get to know Wise, our customers and our vision. This shows in the work as it’s confident, unique and drives change for our business. Thank you Ragged Edge. Together we’ve changed the world’s money. PS they’re also great humans.”

Design Director, Wise

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