A global rebrand, from strategy to delivery across every part of the business.


Dog hoodies, wendy-house coops and toys that look like fast food. The pet product category is full of stuff designed for humans. We’ve projected ourselves onto pets instead of designing for them. 

Omlet take animals for what they are. They study their behaviour and then, at their in-house workshop, innovate solutions for pets. Not people. But that’s not to say people don’t love their thinking. With over 150,000 Eglu Chicken Coops sold worldwide, they’re quickly becoming a pet owner’s go-to option. Fresh from a successful funding round, Omlet needed a brand to support their international growth, give their brand ambassadors something to get behind and most importantly, change the way we live with pets.


We created a world of wonder for all pets and pet owners. With a start from scratch mentality, Omlet are unafraid to look at life through a new lens and begin again. Engineering inventions that alleviate the harder parts of owning pets and enhance the magic. All to get you closer.

The new identity evokes that sense of whimsy coupled with engineering excellence, which we brought to life over digital, packaging and comms. The tactile 3D illustration style, inspired by product design prototypes, embraces the humour and imperfection of interacting with our pets. While the typeface echoes the proudly unusual shapes of Omlet’s products.

The colour palette is drawn from our pets’ territories both in and outside the house. While the tone of voice, grounded in thoughts that inspired real products, brings you into Omlet’s ingenious thinking and encourages you to look deeper too.

“What first sold us on Ragged Edge was their passion. And then we watched as they poured themselves into this process, creating something that is truly a reflection of us. The team are just as ingenious, persistent and remarkable as Omlet and we now have an identity we can amaze people with.”

Co-Founder, Omlet


Thanks to Johannes, Will, Simon, Jim, Sam, Chloe, Lauren, Shannon, Charlotte, Katy, Linnea, Élodie, Alice and the rest of the Omlet team for their trust and collaboration. 

Thanks to Holly Szcypka for our Curious Collective illustrations, and Adam Garbutt who brought them to life.

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