Brand strategy, naming, visual and verbal identity.


Under the previous name Evezy, they stood for one thing: ease. But their offer – an electric car, on a flexible monthly subscription, with everything included – is transformative. It frees people from the ties of ownership and keeps them plugged into the latest innovations.

This brand needed to electrify the future of driving. And turn car buyers into car subscribers. 

Onto is always moving forward. Onto the next car, Onto the next month, Onto the next innovation. The new name, tone of voice and identity embody the boundless energy at the heart of the Onto experience. Electric green courses through chevron veins for a system that can operate at different speeds and is constantly on the move. Every touchpoint embodies the brand’s sense of motion. 

The brand powered Onto into the future. In the year following the relaunch, they grew 500% and raised a $175m Series B round. And in 2022 they raised a $60m Series C to drive European expansion.

Quit stalling, start subscribing.

“With electric fast becoming the new standard, we needed a brand that could play bigger. Ragged Edge transformed our offering into a brand that could redefine car ownership.”

Co-founder, Onto

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