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Reveal (born Sharework) is transforming how businesses work together, globally. Its SaaS platform identifies common ground between companies, then helps them collaborate, spot opportunities and close bigger deals. But to change the way people do business, we needed to fundamentally change how people think about business. From secrecy as second nature, to who shares wins.


A big shift needed a brave idea. Welcome to the not-so-secret society. It’s the Illuminati in look and feel, but the complete opposite in spirit. The identity flips the conventions of secret society language and iconography on their heads, reimagining them as a beacon of collaboration, transparency + all other antonyms of secrecy, too. The result? A B2B brand that’s a long way from B2Business as usual. From a tone of voice with actual tone, to a visual identity that stays just this side of weird. Secrecy’s out, sharing’s in and everyone wins.

From Paris, with feedback

Great work needs clients that tell you routes 1 and 2 are too far – but route 3 is weird in all the right ways. Simon, Gautier, Samia, Taylor, Perrine, Vincent & Taiesha, on vous remercie pour tout. Qui partage gagne!

All credit, respect and admiration to Itamar Makover for the illustrations and Charlie McKay for the photography.

As a company whose entire purpose is to facilitate collaboration between B2B businesses, we needed an agency that believed in openness and teamwork just as much as we do. Ragged Edge was just that. At every meeting they blew us away with work that showed off the depth of their brilliance, and demonstrated how deeply they’d heard what we had to say. Never in a million years would I have come up with our not-so-secret society, but I couldn’t imagine coming up with anything more perfect.

Co-founder & CEO, Reveal

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