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The calorie is an outdated way to evaluate food. And we’re misled with the idea that what works for one, will work for us all. But while the market capitalises on pseudo-science, ZOE delivers personalised facts, showing members how to eat based on their unique biology. And in doing so, it has pioneered the world’s largest nutrition science study – an advancement in understanding that will benefit every body and everybody. To realise this bold change, ZOE needed a brand to cut through the pseudo-science and overclaims, feeding progress through personalisation.


Progression through personalisation sits at the heart of the new ZOE identity. The logo and art direction capture this idea of advancement, while the data visualisation style and tone of voice ground us in personalised science. It’s a brand that has been created to work as well on new bespoke packaging as it does in a digital experience – both fundamental elements of ZOE’s DTC service. And ultimately, it’s a brand created to drive ZOE’s own progress as they scale up within and beyond the US.

The people behind the progress

Change takes bravery. Thank you to Sharon, Kosta, George, Jonathan, Philip and the whole ZOE team for your conviction and collaboration.

“With their proven track record of helping brands challenge the status quo, Ragged Edge were exactly who we needed to help us change the way people think about their food and health. What they have created not only demonstrates the scientific rigour behind the programme, but also how it empowers people, allowing them to see how it can transform their lives.”

VP of Brand Marketing, ZOE

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