Brand strategy, naming, visual identity, website and print design.

Our brief

In the world of architecture, there’s no shortage of design talent. But service quality and functionality are often an afterthought. Applied Studio (originally called PAC Architecture) wanted to be known as much for its creativity as its practical, client-focussed approach.

Brand strategy

Applied Studio brings together exciting, emotive design, with a hands-on, collaborative approach. It creates beautiful, pioneering spaces for people to enjoy. Places that work, effortlessly. This visionary yet practical ethos led us to the brand idea, Creative Works.

Naming & visual identity

With a new brand idea came a new name. PAC Architecture became Applied Studio. This is a nod to the way the company applies creativity to the real world – and to the dedicated way the company applies itself to each project.

Visually the new logo communicates the bringing together of creativity and practicality. The circle denotes the playfulness and freedom of design. The right angle shows functionality. And the way these elements interact reflects how space can be considered and created.

Bringing it to life

A suite of printed brand assets and a new website bring the brand to life across physical and digital touchpoints. On the website landing page, an animated version of the logo shows how creativity and practicality work together to define spaces. The remainder of the site is stripped-back in style, in keeping with the brand focus on functionality. See it for yourself at applied.studio.

"Ragged Edge really got to the truth of who we are. Their deeply collaborative, strategy-first approach helped us unlock our unique brand offering, and bring it to the fore. In an industry as competitive as ours, that’s priceless.”

Founder, Applied Studio

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