Illustration and animation.

Our brief

BBC Bitesize were about to launch a new app that made it easy to revise on the move. To help them tell people about it, we made them an animated film for TV and online.


A series of focus groups with a variety of different age ranges helped us get under the skin of the brand. We then worked with the BBC Children and Learning marketing team to redefine the product’s positioning and proposition.


Using the strategy work as a guide, we created a script that distilled the app’s key benefits into a series of simple messages. Next we created an animation style that could bring the app’s interface to life while conveying a rich range of human emotions. An animated swipe device ensured that even the most casual viewer could see that BBC Bitesize was now available in app form.


The film was shown in prime time slots and used prominently across all the BBC’s digital channels.

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