Brand strategy, visual identity print design, interiors consultation.


Benito’s Hat’s burritos had become a staple part of the Ragged Edge diet. Authentic recipes combined with a commitment to the freshest ingredients marked them out as the best in town. So we were delighted when they asked us to broaden their appeal outside of the traditional lunchtime occasion.


We set out to communicate Benito’s Hat’s evening offer, while driving awareness of their delivery service. The first order of business was a new strap-line designed to highlight their cocktail offer and draw in the after-work crowd: ‘Burritos & Margaritas’.

Visual identity

We refreshed the visual identity to bring in a warmth that had been previously lacking. A playful illustration style was complemented by a hand-drawn typeface and a fresh new colour palette. This all came together in a logo featuring a rotating series of hats.

Brand implementation

We brought the new identity to life across a range of touchpoints, including new delivery packaging and a series of campaigns. We worked in partnership with Dover Design and CantorMasters on the interiors, introducing night-time cues that encouraged customers to linger at the bar over a cocktail or two.

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