Brand strategy, naming, identity, guidelines and implementation.

Recommended, disrupted

For Bulb to successfully disrupt the ‘big six’, we needed to make renewable energy feel simple, affordable and accessible. And with everything stacked against them, we needed to instil positive energy into a faceless, commoditised industry and an apathetic audience. Our goal was to create a brand people would actually love to recommend.

The lightbulb moment

The name came first. Followed by a handwritten logo, supergraphic and a colour palette as far from a traditional energy brand as possible, strategically chosen to stand out on comparison sites. The identity’s disarming simplicity allowed Bulb to scale from a two person start-up to serving 1.5 million customers. Without having to change a thing.

Europe's fastest growing company

From two people to 270, and a £1 billion revenue in its first four years, Bulb is the fastest growing energy company in history. And one of the UK’s five most recommended businesses, with 30% of new sign-ups coming from referrals.

Since then, its growth has continued apace, launching in France, Spain and the US. In 2021 it was named Europe’s Fastest Growing Company by the Financial Times. But just as importantly, positive energy continues to shine through every interaction with the brand. From their service and culture, right though to an industry-defining customer experience.

“Ragged Edge’s strategically led, digital first approach made the branding process a pleasure. We’re over the moon with the result and think it represents Bulb’s values and purpose beautifully.”

Co-founder, Bulb

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