Brand strategy, naming, identity and website.


The future of humanity requires us all to invest in businesses that will benefit the planet, not destroy it. But despite the best of intentions, most people act in self-interest when it comes to their money. We needed to show that impact investing isn’t just for those who can afford to choose. Investing in a human future means investing in businesses good for people, planet and – just as importantly – profit. The future can be both prosperous and profitable.


It’s too late for business as usual, and it’s too late for another generic fintech brand. The newly renamed CIRCA5000 portrays a future 2,978 years from now. Our planet will still be here, but humanity is optional. The visual identity reimagines an evil futurecorp as a force for positive change, while the provocative tone of voice reminds people that enriching yourself doesn’t have to come at the expense of enriching the planet. Thank you extinction, that will be all.

“We want to make wealth creation effortless and impactful for everyone. Building a prosperous future for us all. But we’re under no illusions - this is the fight of our lives. We knew we needed a brand that was braver and punchier than anything else out there. Ragged Edge did not disappoint.”

Co-founder, CIRCA5000

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