Brand strategy, visual identity and packaging design.

Our brief

Ella Mills, founder of the phenomenally successful Deliciously Ella blog, came to us with an ambitious plan. She wanted to launch her famous energy balls as a retail product. Our job was to refresh the Deliciously Ella brand, then create the packaging for the energy balls.

Brand strategy

Much of Ella’s popularity stems from her positive outlook and open relationship with her followers. This natural optimism was in sharp contrast to the health food category, where her competitors were either overly worthy or focussed on function. So we set out to stand out through a bright, colourful new brand that brought her vibrant personality to life.

Visual identity

To reinforce Ella’s personal connection with her audience, we based the logo on her signature.  A delicate sunburst device communicates her famously optimistic outlook, while a hand-drawn typeface suggests honesty and transparency. Everything we did aimed to embody Ella’s natural charm.

Energy balls packaging

The challenge was to bring the values to life without sacrificing stand-out on shelf. Competitors tended to use neutral colours to communicate authenticity, meaning that many of the products felt indistinguishable. So we chose a bright, eye-catching colour palette, using hand-painted illustrations and a matte finish to retain the natural feel.


Our work helped transform the perception of Deliciously Ella from a blogger to a powerful consumer brand. The energy balls were a phenomenal success in their own right, and laid the platform for the brand to launch an ever-expanding range of retail products.

“The visual identity created by Ragged Edge really captures Ella’s optimism and her core values. It is such a natural fit with her philosophy. The bright colours will help it to stand out against health food products in a highly competitive and growing sector. And the work carried out by Ragged Edge will help us to take the brand forward into the future.”

Managing Director, Deliciously Ella

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