Website design & build, digital style guide, photography.

Our Approach

A user-focussed website that makes the complex feel simple.

Our brief

dim t is famous for its huge variety of traditional Asian food, from noodles and curries right through to authentic dim sum (naturally). They asked us to create a best in class website that would make things easy for their customers.

Website design and build

We worked closely with the dim t team to understand the wide range of customer needs. This informed a series of different journeys designed to keep any complexity away from the user. That meant a simple, intuitive navigational system. It meant bookings taking place in real time, without the user getting forwarded to another bookings site. And it meant having the ability to instantly filter any menu by dietary preference.

We built a digital brand language rooted in playful iconography, all complemented by food photography that aimed to explain the offer without the need for lengthy descriptions.

We kept things simple for the dim t marketing team too. A WordPress CMS allows them to quickly update core food and drink menus, add and promote seasonal menus, showcase future restaurant openings and promote in-restaurant offers.

See for yourself at dimt.co.uk.


The use of photography was key to showcasing dim t’s diverse range of dishes. We set new photography guidelines, art directed a photo shoot and produced a final suite of images in line with the new look and feel. These work to hero the dishes at every point in the navigation.

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