Brand strategy, visual and verbal identity, website and comms.

D&AD Awards 2023, Graphite Pencil, Brand Refresh
D&AD Awards 2023, Shortlisted, Brand Voice
Dieline Awards 2023, First Place, Soft Drinks


As the go-to-mixer brand for bartenders, you’ve probably tasted Eager before. Founder Ed and his team asked us to help them break out from behind bars. To build a DTC brand for juice drinkers everywhere. But in a market overwhelmed by over-claims, getting noticed would be no small feat. So we did what no-one else dared. We told the truth. And embraced the ordinary.


Out went the category conventions. No misleading health claims. No unthinking adherence to the design ‘rules’ set by big juice. The new Eager identity is disarmingly simple. A pleasingly crisp design system. No nonsense packaging. A website that exists solely to sell juice. And a tone of voice that tells it like it is. An extra ordinary brand for a perfectly normal fruit juice.


This particular brand of bravery demanded a particular brand of client. Kudos to Ed, Sam and David for having the courage of your convictions. Thanks also to Charlie for helping us create a suite of perfectly normal photography.

“Big juice talks a lot of nonsense. But they’ve also got a lot of money, so getting our message heard would be tough. I knew Ragged Edge would find a way but the result is something else. They’re geniuses.”

Founder, Eager

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