E-commerce website design & build.

Our brief

The Elton John AIDS Foundation has a single goal: to create an AIDS free future. To help them get there, they needed a new website that would increase the number of donations made online.


Our initial research centred around how people were using the existing site. People were starting the donation process, but most gave up before getting to the end. If we could fix this, we knew we’d see a dramatic improvement in donations. So we set out to streamline the process, engaging people around the Foundation’s stories, before guiding them towards a donation in as few clicks (or taps) as possible.

Website design & build

Every design decision we made aimed to reduce the time and effort needed to complete a donation. For mobile. For desktop. For everywhere the user was.

We introduced a shop too, so people could buy everything from events tickets to Gary Hume prints.

The back-end was just as important. The Foundation needed to spend their time raising funds, not battling to update their website. So we chose a WordPress CMS they were already comfortable with, then enhanced it to allow them to do everything they needed, simply and without fuss.


The new website had a dramatic effect. In the year following its launch, the percentage of visitors who went on to make a donation more than doubled. It won a 2015 Lovie Award as a result.

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