Brand strategy, naming, visual identity, print design, website design & build.

Our brief

Franklin London facilitates the lifestyle of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, offering everything from household management to organising a private jet for a beloved pet. We developed a luxuriously distinctive brand identity that communicates Franklin’s remarkable offer, then brought it to life on and offline.

Brand strategy

Through a combination of brand workshops and our own research, we identified two key elements as being fundamental to Franklin’s DNA: an unmistakably British approach and an unparalleled ability to enable a truly seamless lifestyle. The resulting brand idea, ‘Distinctively Seamless’, provided rich territory that would resonate with its highly discerning audience.

Naming & visual identity

We recommended the use of the founder’s family name as a way of imbuing the brand with heritage and luxury cues, reinforced through the ‘London’ suffix. The visual identity features a hand-drawn logotype where the characters flow harmoniously into one another. Supporting collateral features a ‘seamless gradient’ alongside unusual yet luxurious print finishes.


The brand idea is brought to life online though a responsive website featuring a distinctive, yet highly fluid user experience. The website is supported by a custom CRM designed to enable Franklin to deliver on its promise at every stage of the customer journey.

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