A global rebrand. From brand strategy to identity and beyond.


To stand out on a global scale, Globe-Trotter needed to stand for something more. While competitors are known for their slick industrial design and ostentatious displays of wealth, Globe-Trotter is cut from a different cloth. Its handmade cases are built to last a lifetime, or two. We saw an opportunity to build a brand that is as much about how we carry ourselves through life, as it is the luggage we carry. 


Taking inspiration from the brand’s rich archives and the stories of its customers and craftspeople, we re-imagined Globe-Trotter from the ground up. An idiosyncratic identity rejects corporate conformity in favour of a life far more interesting. The logo, colours, art direction and tone of voice evoke a sense of warmth, history and unconventional detailing. Character is exaggerated, not hidden. 

Working collaboratively with the Globe-Trotter team and a range of partners, we helped redefine every touchpoint, from a website rich in stories and a new flagship store, to a full suite of packaging. The result is a brand at ease in the digital age, but shaped by the journey it took to get there. 

With us on the journey

Adventurous work takes a team up for a challenge. Vicente, Lucas, Rocky, Tom, Chris, Micheal, Charlotte, Masaaki and everyone on the shop floor were just that, bringing us into their history so we could make a mark on Globe-Trotter’s future. 

All wonderful photography is down to our equally wonderful collaborator Charlie McKay, a big thanks to you.

“In a period of great change, this was a unique opportunity to think deeply about what we do, and how we make sense in the new world of luxury. By challenging us to think differently, Ragged Edge reimagined Globe-Trotter as standing for something much more than showing-off. Distinctively personal, but universally resonant. Uniquely British, but meaningful in Asia, America and beyond.”

Executive Chairman

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