Global communications strategy, assets and toolkits, supported by local activation.

Our brief

Show people all over the world why they should choose Grey Goose with a big, integrated idea, that can scale across territories, channels, seasons and occasions.


Our years working with Grey Goose had helped us pinpoint the brand’s most compelling truth: it’s made using the finest ingredients from France, the home of gastronomy. And in particular, the same wheat used to make France’s best bread. Once people understand this, they get why they should choose Grey Goose over its competitors.

But the challenge is one all drinks brands face. How do you get people excited about this kind of stuff? No one wants a science lesson while they’re drinking a cocktail.

Our idea

Everything about Grey Goose defies convention. From its founder’s vision and Cognac heritage to its ingredients and unique production process. So we did the same. Rather than throwing yet another party, we set out to make the intrinsic story absolutely fundamental to the experience. And what could be more disruptive than a vodka brand opening a Boulangerie?


We led the delivery of an integrated launch in London, and created a full range of assets and toolkits that helped the boulangerie scale across continents, channels and seasons.
Other boulangeries opened in key cities throughout the US, Canada, Spain, France, Croatia, Germany, The Netherlands, Germany and Italy. We built a mobile version too – an extraordinary bread delivery van concealing the world’s most intimate martini bar.

Integrated launch

The campaign launched with a pop-up boulangerie on Shaftesbury Avenue in London. A lucky few were invited through the oven door, where they discovered an extraordinary speakeasy bar.

Taking the campaign on the road

Next, we gave the boulangerie wheels. A luxurious martini bar, hidden inside a bread delivery van – or ‘camionnette’ – has appeared all over Europe and the US. It’s picked up an award of its own along the way: Best Pop Award at Bar & Restaurant Design Awards.

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