A rebrand, global implementation and guardianship.

Exclusive to inclusive

To connect with a changing audience, we needed to speak their language. That meant moving away from rigid luxury codes, towards a more expressive, open approach. Working collaboratively and at pace, we reimagined the way Grey Goose could communicate.

Expression of confidence

To change how people felt about Grey Goose, we needed a bold statement. So we started by redrawing the logotype from scratch. The bespoke type is more contemporary, more confident and more flexible – the perfect complement to the iconic goose symbol. That allowed us to be more expressive with the rest of the system. A striking pattern can be dialled up or down. Secondary colours are as bright as they are unexpected. A set of bespoke typefaces allows Grey Goose to speak with more immediacy. And a renewed tone of voice lets the brand’s character shine.

“The new identity is a statement of intent for our new approach. A bold step forward that will help us build a more authentic, relatable connection with our audience. It’s a testament to Ragged Edge’s restless determination to push this iconic brand as far as it can go.”

Global Chief Marketing Officer

Twelve years in the making

The new identity is the latest project in a twelve-year partnership. We’ve worked on everything from the world’s biggest trade advocacy campaign – Vive! – right through to award-winning global campaigns, packaging, content, experiences and environments. Now we’re focussed on bringing the new brand to life, pushing its boundaries as we shape its future.

“I love working with these guys! They’ve been absolutely fundamental to the extraordinary things we've done as a brand over the past decade. Their thinking and execution is consistently world-class.”

Global Brand Ambassador

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