Brand strategy, visual and verbal identity, website and comms.


Homa are revolutionising mobile gaming, giving independent developers the firepower to take on the incumbents. And win.

With 200 people from 34 countries, 1 billion downloads of their games, and a total of $165m in funding, Homa came to us at an inflection point. They wanted to step up their mission to redefine the gaming industry. To succeed they needed to position themselves as an ally for independent game developers. To build a talent brand that would attract the world’s best engineers. And to transform millions of gamers from fans of Homa’s games, to fans of Homa itself.

Working across every part of the rapidly-expanding company, from the founding team to new joiners, we re-engineered their brand from the inside out. Framing Homa as a precision-tooled gaming lab, and the Homa team as its elite technicians. And by elevating the development process to its rightful position as a high performance, high octane and high skill profession, we showed that Homa gets game makers.

For the identity we built a data-fuelled wonderland. A world where Homa characters can roam and developers can game the system. A framework for their ever-expanding SDK, characters, and the games themselves, realised across an ever-growing range of technologies, from mobile to web3. All delivered across a range of touchpoints, including homagames.com.


This particular brand of bravery demanded a particular brand of client. Kudos to Daniel, Olivier and Brice for having the courage of your convictions. Thanks also to Visual Citizens for your help on the surreal landscapes, and to Charlie for helping us photograph and document the high-performance lab in progress.

“This rebrand was crucial for the next phase of our mission as we look to democratise the industry. We knew we had to be bold, and Ragged Edge has done something truly amazing. The feedback we’re receiving is just insane.”

Founder & CEO, HOMA

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