Brand strategy, visual and verbal identity, art direction, website design and writing.

Strength in numbers

Laka are currently focused on cycling insurance. But this brand had to be bigger than insurance policies for bikes. It had to tackle the traditional insurance model while establishing a collective of cyclists that would look out for each other. Where members would pay their share for claims that actually happen rather than ones that might. This brand needed to demonstrate the value of clubbing together.


Every team needs its unifying colours. We added patterns inspired by the mud, sweat and tears on a cyclist’s bib shorts. Bold portraiture heroes individual members. A commanding tone of voice is never afraid to go full-on bike nerd. And together these elements create a bold identity for Team Laka that’s absolutely nothing like an insurance company.


Following the strategy and identity work, we moved on to helping Laka write and design their new website. And to capture the Laka members in our unique photography style, we held a socially distant photoshoot with Jason Bailey. This identity has been a collaborative effort made all the better for such daring and decisive clients. Long may the ride continue.

“Ragged Edge has created a brand that will really resonate with the cycling community, but isn’t restricted to cycling. I hate the word disruption, but it’ll really disrupt the industry. And sets us up perfectly for growth as we fundamentally change what insurance means to people.”

Co-founder, Laka

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