Brand strategy, naming, visual & verbal identity.

D&AD Awards 2022, Graphite Pencil, Writing for Design, Brand Voice


Typical ovulation tests offer a binary result. Mylo’s ovulation tracking technology on the other hand is genuinely innovative, and a more useful and nuanced test for people looking to become pregnant. It’s capable of empowering women with detailed knowledge about their bodies. 

But month after month, when people can often blame their bodies for not falling pregnant, this brand needs to deliver clinical smarts with real emotional intelligence. A brand that can tackle head on just how trying trying can be.


First we got real about the name: myLotus. We wanted something for the future, non-gender specific, and nothing that referenced female genitalia as a flower. Mylo was born. 

The identity is designed to get up close and personal. The colour palette is made of skin tones. The logo and illustrations have rough handmade edges. And the tone of voice offers real talk: informative without being clinical, supportive without being saccharine. Bringing it all together are strong, composed portraits of real women, and a few men. Because as the brand grows up, we want this identity to speak to any and everyone.


This project was delivered under lockdown, over Zoom, with some members of the team having never actually met. Such challenging circumstances could’ve inhibited the work. But with everything changing around us, the Mylo team seized this opportunity to challenge and change themselves.

“Amidst the chaos of COVID, we asked Ragged Edge to simply do what they could. What they did was revolutionise our brand.”

CEO, Mylo

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