Brand strategy, naming, visual identity, photography, website design and build.

Our brief

Stylist Sarah Price came to us with an idea. Her clients had repeatedly told her that, while they loved the look of sleeveless dresses, they weren’t always practical for real life. So she’d created an innovative new garment that would give women the option of adding sleeves to any dress. She approached us to define and develop the brand.

Brand strategy

The product benefit was clear. By making sleeveless dresses available to anyone, it dramatically extended a woman’s wardrobe options. But to win the hearts of a discerning, fashion conscious audience, we needed to connect with them emotionally.

So we created a powerful ideology for the brand, embodied by its founder. Throughout her career, Sarah had always believed that woman should be able to express themselves through fashion, regardless of age, budget, occupation or dress-size. We called this Fashion Freedom.

Naming & visual identity

In creating a new category, we wanted to define it. So we needed a name that was ownable, distinctive and catchy. Our inspiration came from the movement the body makes when putting the product on for the first time. A Shimmy.

The logo, with its shimmying ‘I’, is elegant yet playful. Loose, expressive layouts and plenty of negative space help the brand to convey freedom, while the colour palette communicates a sophisticated femininity.

Photography & art direction

Models were encouraged to express themselves, with art direction emphasising space and freedom.


The digital experience needed to flow as smoothly as the Shimmy itself. We kept the design simple and elegant. User journeys were carefully designed to make a purchasing a Shimmy effortlessly intuitive.

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