Visual identity, website & brand collateral.


The Mountain Company offer inspirational Himalayan holidays and treks. They needed an identity to bring their experiences to life on and offline.

Visual identity

A rugged logo and iconic ‘M’ marque formed the basis for a visual system that was designed to be robust and no-nonsense. We created a customised typeface that we called ‘Hunter’, (named after the brand’s founder, Roland Hunter) to ensure that all communications were completely unique. We applied it to all brand touch points including the luggage tags, stationery and a range of printed collateral.


We created a new site that was designed to increase awareness and sales conversions. Focussing on optimising the site’s architecture, we developed a series of user journeys that sought to make finding the right holiday simple and intuitive. Painstakingly designed information systems ensured that complex information was easy to digest, and context sensitive calls to action were strategically placed.

The rebrand was an immediate success, with enquiries increasing by 220% within the first two months of launch.

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