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Becoming a homeowner is a huge and happy milestone. But the journey to get there is still overwhelming and outdated. In a market ripe for disruption, we’ve created a brand with the ambition to become #1 for home ownership.

We delivered:

Brand strategy, visual & verbal identity, brand guidelines, out of home advertising, brand guardianship


Gold, Best visual identity from the property, construction and facilities management sector, Transform Awards Europe 2019

Our approach

In an era of automation, we needed to balance technology with humanity to help everyone love the journey of owning a home.

The brief

If soaring house prices and saving a deposit weren’t off-putting enough, homeowners face a painful and fractured experience trying to secure a mortgage. Borne of his own frustrations, Trussle founder Ishaan Malhi felt there had to be a better way. He came to Ragged Edge for a brand reflective of his ambition to transform the nightmarish process into a positive part of home ownership. A brand that can shake up today’s industry, and work in tomorrow’s – whatever that may look like.

Brand strategy

Homes are where we build lives and dreams. They’re foundations for our futures and life-changing experiences. So we knew we had to stand for so much more than finance, for more than the privileged few. Trussle want to open doors for as many people as possible. So we turned this goal into a brand idea that could manifest itself across every area of the business – from design, to product development, to customer service.


Visual and verbal identity

Inspired by the purity of an architect’s drawing, we turned our Open Doors brand idea into a visual identity. The simple logo and wordmark come together to create the subtle outline of a house. We used a fresh, single-minded approach to colour. And turned our open door shape into a device for holding illustrations created in-house.

‘The home of home ownership’ became our customer-facing tagline. Just one example of the welcoming language that enables us to speak to the breadth of customer and circumstance we serve. Our accompanying tone of voice is full of possibility, taking Trussle away from being merely a commodity, and beyond solely technology.

Our new identity is simple, welcoming and iconic - a direct challenge to a category mired in complexity and jargon.

Hoon Kim, Head of Design, Trussle

Trussle Poster
Trussle mobile website
Trussle posters

Launching the rebrand

Trussle’s research showed that at least two million UK mortgage holders could save an average of £300 a month on their mortgage. We helped drive awareness around this compelling message by writing, designing and illustrating an out of home poster campaign. The advertising ran alongside a TV commercial created by UnLtd Inc, while Squadron Media made sure the whole campaign got in front of all the right people. 

Transforming the home ownership journey

We continue to work closely with Trussle’s internal design team and wider business to help them become the #1 brand for home ownership. 

We want to transform the home ownership journey for everyone. It’s a bold ambition, and we needed a brand to match. Ragged Edge have helped us define and create a beacon brand that will grow with us. A brand with the power to change things for the better.

Ishaan Malhi, Founder and CEO, Trussle