A global rebrand.


With 2.5 million users across 110 countries, Unmind is waking the world up to the fact that mental ill-health might not affect us all but mental health is something we all have. And it cannot and should not be separated from the workplace. Despite some employers having perks in place to gain and retain staff, the annual cost of mental ill-health to UK employers remains around £45 billion. The wellbeing solutions they’re trying aren’t working. Our challenge was to set Unmind apart from the corporate apps workplaces use as sticking plasters. We needed to create a brand that stands up for people on an individual level and challenges perceptions on an institutional level. A brand that can create change you can feel.


Unmind is now a beacon of truth in a sea of sameness. With a brand identity where human passion is backed up by statistical proof.

The passion comes from colour: a bold yellow that stands for hope. The group photography shows strength in numbers. And the campaign-style typography and tone of voice work together to celebrate mental health instead of apologising for it. Proof comes through in the UI. Where statistics and real-time data visualisation, pulled from the scientific world, tap into how people are feeling at that very moment. While the wide secondary colour palette represents the full spectrum of human emotion.

The identity is underpinned by a logotype that was hand-crafted to combine human warmth with credibility. Resulting in a brand that companies and colleagues can rally around to establish a new era of wellbeing at work.

It was strategic thinking and quality of craft that drew us to Ragged Edge. In a sea of very well-funded competitors who would rather say nothing than say the wrong thing, we needed a brand that felt like a movement. Together we’ve done just that. Unmind is now a brand that employers and employees alike can’t help but smile at. It’s a brand you want to spend time with.

VP Brand & Marketing


Work of this importance requires true passion from all sides. The team at Unmind turned from clients into collaborators, and together we created real change. A heartfelt thanks to Nick, Steve, Ben, Kim, Oliver, Max, Elliott, Steffan, Ross, Gavin and Leonie.

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